Ensemble "Da Camera"


Da Camera

          The Rzeszow Philharmonicers found „Da Camera” ensemble in February 1990. In its broad repertoire there are classic, light and sacred music pieces (overtures, classic music hits, polkas, marches, waltzes, gallops, tangos etc). From the beginning of its existence "Da Camera" follows the Music Festival in Łańcut, creating unbeatable mood before each Festival concert. The ensemble could be heard many times on evening concerts at the Rzeszow Philharmonics.
The ensemble performances are very popular also among the youngest listeners – children participating in music programs and school concerts held in the Rzeszow Philharmonics hall. In summer season "Da Camera" enjoys visitors in Iwonicz Zdroj, and in Przemyśl creates music background to the event called "Manewry Szwejkowskie". In 2003 the orchestra toured for a week Austria (Tyrol), where local listeners enthusiastically received them.
The ensemble’s tunes could be often heard in our region during open-air events. "Da Camera" performs on various celebrations; both self-governments and private companies invite it. The ensemble welcomes proposals and is able to fulfill the most sophisticated tastes of listeners.

The ensemble plays in following personnel:

  • Bogusław Kołcz, Janusz Szczęch - trumpets
  • Robert Mosior, Henryk Bobulski - clarinets
  • Andrzej Kundys, Krzysztof Ogorzelec – French horns
  • Mariusz Kozak – tenor saxophone, trombone
  • Jan Miłek - tuba
  • Marian Rzym - percussions


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