The Quartet "Lento"


The Quartet "Lento"

         Eight years ago few musicians of the Rzeszów Philharmonics orchestra in love with chamber music founded a string quartet, which in short time show listeners classic repertoire, getting popularity of audience and respect of musicologists.
Soon the repertoire (Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelssohn) has been broaden for classic and jazz miniatures. This thematic span enabled widening of audience and character of events they played.
Beside chamber concerts for music aficionados in various locations (hall of the Rzeszow Town hall, the Lubomirski Castle hall in Rzeszow, the Romantic Castle in Łańcut, the palace in Sieniawa, performances in museums in Rzeszow and Przeworsk, the Rzeszów Philharmonics chamber hall), The Quartet "Lento" accompanies also events of social character (jubilees, meetings, conventions etc).

The Quartet "Lento" personnel:

  • Orest Telwach – 1st violin
  • Marina Telwach – 2nd violin
  • Aleksander Pogorilec - viola
  • Katarzyna Gerula - cello


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