Violin Quartet "After thirteen"

Kwartet "Po 13-tej"

Violin Quartet "After thirteen"

           After 13th hour each day, after thirteen minute of welcoming applause, in thirteen second filled with silence of expectations, sounds are coming. At a time soft, dreamful, melancholy tanned, at once full of power, energy, joy. And though it doesn’t originate from thirteen pieces orchestra, but two violins together with a viola and cello sound like a sextet combined with a septet!
Now everything is obvious – just them Violin Quartet "Po Trzynastej"/After thirteen. There are four ladies: Elżbieta Czajak (violin), Marzena Kościk (violin), Marta Pluta (cello) and one man: Grzegorz Pliś (viola).
All four are gifted instrumentalists of the Rzeszow Philharmonics, what will suggest serious character of the repertoire. Despite this the Quartet prepared a surprise! A popular version of classic music is not everything! Sympathetic four Instruments filled many halls with entertainment music pieces (mentioning just The Beatles or King Presley), and also splendor religious celebrations.
         The ensemble was concerting in such places as Krakow’s Wawel, Hall of Hołd Pruski at Sukiennice, St.Mary Church, and the Castle in Sieniawa; visited twice Lubaczów at a framework of Christian Culture Week. It provided beautiful music to celebration of national days, and played in many weddings, jubilees, banquets, conferences... One can enumerate more but for what? Words can’t describe all "achievements" of the Quartet. To listen them is a must. Everybody will be enchanted for 113%!


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