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Particular attention of the Rzeszow Philharmonics goes to young listeners. We’d like to be a guide- a friend of children and youth, who can show never changing values of art, teach to recognize a beauty in music, inspire a self-development of music interest. We welcome to cooperate in the music programs framework in 2007/2008 school year. For many years we run various forms of systematic music education of young generations. There are series of concerts as Młodzi Miłośnicy Muzyki / Young Music Aficionados, school programs, as well as special family concerts, music morning concerts, music fairy tales.

MŁODZI MIŁOŚNICY MUZYKI / Young Music Aficionados – traditional Thursday symphonic concerts at the Philharmonics seat with participation of symphonic orchestra and also invited soloists and conductors. A speaker with interesting commentary, introducing in attractive way young listeners to the concert’s topics, directs every concert. After earlier phone agreement it is possible for organized groups of youth to take part in the morning rehearsals of the Rzeszow Philharmonics ensembles.

SCHOOL PROGRAMS – these are the concerts, performed by ensembles of professional musicians. They take place in schools or culture centers in entire Podkarpackie region, combined with commentary appropriate to listeners age. Proposed content enriched knowledge of music, opening young listeners to exceptional beauty and emphasized gorgeous old traditions of European art. For kindergarten and 1st-3rd class of grammar schools pupils we proposed following topics: Plays with rhythm, dances, marches, lullabies, W.A. Mozart – genial composer, A. Malawski – patron of the Rzeszow Philharmonics, Are a violin and a double bass one family?, Tuba – construction and sound" and common singing and music plays: What is this melody, Nature imitation in music. For collage youth we prepared following topics: Classic – means perfect. Features of classic music – simplicity, transparency, Romantic virtuosity, Comedy in music, Recesses of symphony orchestra- less known instruments.

We encourage you to our programs; we wait for your proposals, opinions, and cooperation. Information are available, groups reporting Mrs. Danuta Mróz at Concert Bureau of the Philharmonics ph.: 017 862 84 08, 017 862 85 07.


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